Hard Floor Cleaning Bermondsey | Wood Floor Cleaning by Brixo Cleaners
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Brixo Cleaners Bermondsey’s Hard Floor Cleaning – All Materials Catered For

Hard floor cleaning can be a straightforward process – one where you know the specialists you hire have everything they need to give your floor a deep scrub and shine. Brixo Cleaners Bermondsey gives you a fully insured service ideal for any type of hard surface…

Hard Floor Cleaners Perfect For Any Property

  • Specially trained experts know how to restore any flooring material – slate, bricks, concrete, natural stone, vinyl, tiles…
  • Keep your peace of mind thanks to your hard floor cleaners’ comprehensive insurance cover
  • Get an appointment on whatever day of the week or weekend is best for you
  • Call at any time to get more information or make your booking – we’re open 24/7
  • Always rely on getting a free quote without obligation – and no hidden charges at any time!

What’s Involved in Your Appointment

You pay simply for the size of the area you need your hard floor cleaning services to be focused on. If you have the time to move any furniture or other items from the area, this will significantly speed up your service. If you need assistance with larger items, do tell us so that we can send an appropriately sized team.

Benefits of this technique:

  1. A wide range of high quality cleansing solutions which can be matched to any type of material
  2. Hard woods can be treated by the bare brush heads of your team’s rotary machine to ensure the best results
  3. Optional removal and re-application of sealant, oils, or waxes
  4. An expert will assess your flooring first in order to select the best materials

Get the Hard Floor Cleaning Services You Need

One quick call to 020 3404 0333 is all it takes to book, or to get that free quote you wanted! Lines are open 24 hours a day, every day. And you can also reach us online by filling in our booking form.